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Engine Remapping - What Is ECU Remapping And What Can It Do For Your Car?

Engine remapping

As a vehicle owner, there is a good chance that you are interested in having your car optimized in order to get the maximum performance from your car. The process of optimizing a vehicle’s engine is called engine remapping. This article will help you understand the benefits of tuning your car. It will also give you the tools you need to find a reputable remapping service that can work with your car and ensure that your vehicle’s performance improves.

What Is Car Engine Remapping?

You may not be familiar with the idea of engine remaps —They are the process of rewiring the brain of your vehicle, or ECU, so that it can run with a better performance.  ECU remaps can help your car run smoother and get more miles out of your tank. It’s also a great option for cars that don’t meet emissions standards and can lead to better fuel mileage and better performance.

What Is An ECU?

Your car's engine control unit (ECU) contains a complex system of ECU sensors and ECU software that monitors and controls the various functions of your vehicle. This ECU receives information from various onboard systems, like the car's speedometer, the OBD2 (on-board diagnostics), the ABS (anti-lock brakes), the electronic stability control, the CAN (control area network) and the diagnostic trouble codes.  It communicates with all these systems to ensure your vehicle has the optimum performance.

ECU remapping is a relatively new software technology that offers a range of benefits for consumers. By changing a few numbers and re-programming the engine, ECU remapping allows you to control the fuel economy, power, torque, and emissions of your vehicle. This can make all the difference when it comes to saving money on fuel and keeping your car driving like it's new.

How Does ECU Remapping Help My Car?

There are two main reasons remaps are good for your car. First, you might be interested in making some minor changes to your vehicle’s driving characteristics. You might find yourself in a situation where you’d like to have more power, but without changing how your car drives. Second, there’s a possibility that you might want to make a few changes to the way your car operates in order to get a better result. For example, if you’re doing a road race and you’re looking to go faster, you might want to remap your engine to run a higher compression ratio.

Should I Expect Better Vehicle Performance?

Remapping your engine and tuning the ECU can greatly enhance the performance of your vehicle.  Think about it, you are basically telling the software chip to read how the vehicle has changed during its lifecycle and to redistribute the electric signals to where performance can be improved.  This can be anything from fuel economy to gear stage alignment.  Engines are very complex, and even a small tuning issue can send the performance plummeting, so car remapping and software updates are an essential part of ensuring peak performance.

Can Every Mechanic Perform ECU Tuning?

Remapping and tuning cars uses the power of advanced software.  Normally this software is developed by the manufacturer, so it's likely that in order to run the software the way it was intended, any mechanic who wishes to operate the software should attend the dealer training facility.  This is normally referred to as quantum dealer training.  During this course, they'll learn the ins and outs of the ECU remapping software and thus have a good understanding of the ECU's inner workings.

Is Chip Tuning Required In Every Vehicle?

These days almost all vehicles have an onboard ECU, and that means, under no uncertain terms, they will need remaps of their software at some point during their life cycle. This is understandable since the wear and tear of the engine will make things become looser.  This, in turn, will reduce your engine performance and things like fuel consumption will increase.  Remapping and tuning should be performed in all modern engines with 

Why Many Car Owners Are Turning To Us For Their Remaps

In terms of vehicle performance, more and more people are realising that spending a bit of money tuning things up can save them in the long run.  For us, it's a passion.  We live and breathe cars, and we know that our software will help our customers get the best out of their vehicles.  So why are more and more car owners turning to us for their vehicle tuning?  It's all down to word of mouth.  When people visit us to enhance the performance of their vehicle they see results and they recommend us to their friends.  That's the power of words, but also the power of passion and our love of cars.

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