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Car Engine Tuning, Vehicle Performance and Engine Remap - What is involved? 

Is car engine tuning a necessity, absolutely if you want to achieve maximum engine performance and power along with reduced fuel consumption whether it's diesel or petrol?

We all like to tinker with our cars by doing our DIY Car maintenance, changing a headlight bulb or changing the car's oil then that's ok, car tuning mistakes can be very costly, so do yourself a favour and leave any tuning to the professionals!

Tuning and remap a vehicle engine is of huge importance, there is nothing worse than an engine that refuses to start, runs poorly, and coughs & splutters down the road, here at Povtech we don't only just offer performance tuning of car engines, using our tuning software we expertly remap an ECU and chip engines taking them to the next level!

With over 30 years of experience servicing cars and tuning cars, we are considered and you will find the leaders in our field.

Car ECU Remaps & Tuning - Is it worth it?

ECU Remapping and tuning a vehicle has many benefits including, better performance, more torque, more horsepower, removing engine flat spots for much smoother power delivery, and better fuel economy driving under normal driving conditions.

We don't always notice our car is under-performing if we don't have the engine regularly serviced and tuned, your car can get to be very boring and slow over time, well to stir the interest back into your car give it to us for performance tuning servicing, ECU remap or chip tuning your engine.

Did you realise with a remapped engine using our software its possible to squeeze an extra 20-30% more power and torque, which is mind-blowing and very noticeable when you put your foot down and go through the gears, that once a boring old car has now got a new lease of life and so have you!

Well, after reading the paragraphs above you would have to agree with us right, ECU remaps and tuning are worth it,  read more below on our tuning guide delivering the power where it's needed.

Let's dig a little deeper with a brief explanation of what does what!

Performance tuning.

So what is performance tuning I hear you ask, 

Whether your looking to improve performance on standard engines or turbo diesel engines we will have a solution to suit your needs and budget.

If you want to know what's available for you, then for example, maybe you have an old or new Audi that needs tuning, then go onto our website here you can search for the information, click the "Vehicle Stats" tab to select the options, type, manufacturer, model/car, fuel type and variant it will bring up a list of tuning options available for your car. 

If for any reason you cannot find a listing for your car or engine, then please contact our service centre so we can let you know if a remap of an ECU is available or what other options we can offer.

ECU Remapping

Ecu Remapping also known as "Chip Tuning" is when a car ECU unit is modified/edited by our specialist mechanics keeping within the vehicle manufacturer's guidance, resulting in higher engine performance and better fuel consumption.

Gearbox Tuning

This service is not available on every car,(check with us for availability) this enables our mechanics to adjust manufacturers' restrictions resulting in faster shift times.

If you remap both engine and gearbox together it will completely transform the performance of your car with increased acceleration.

Dyno Tuning

We are super proud of our new Dynorace DF21S Dynomometer its a beast of a machine, able to test both front-wheel and rear-will-drive cars and also enable us to run tests on  Haldex equipped vehicles too. This bit of kit measures engine horsepower, torque and the mixture of air & fuel running through the engine and lets our trained mechanics finely tune and be able to see first-hand how the power of the engine is being affected.

ERG  Cleaning or Removal Services

ERG (exhaust gas re-circulation) can be problematic after it becomes blocked or clogged with carbon preventing the ERG from opening and closing correctly leading to low fuel consumption.

PovTec has a couple of solutions and services to combat a problematic ERG.

We offer a cleaning service to remove the carbon build-up on the ERG or a service to insert a blanking plate into the ERG unit itself, then using an ECU software upgrade or remap we can electronically disable the ERG to stop it from working which will save you ££££ in repair costs.

From Honda Civic Type Cars to a High-Performance Car, Tuning will give your vehicle a new lease of life

Whether your car is a Honda Civic type diesel car or a top-of-the-range performance car we will have an ECU car tuning or ECU engine tuning option to remap your car to suit your budget and needs

So are you now ready to book your car, truck, van or any type of engine for an ECU remapping and transmission tuning or want a racechip, dyno tuning and ERG removal then please contact us?

Why choose Povtec for your Tuning needs?

With over 30 years of experience servicing cars and tuning cars, we are considered to be leaders in our field, 

As  Avon authorised tuning agents using Avon's latest software files we can provide high-quality remaps and engine tuning to our customers offering a policy of excellent customer service and warranty support.

Our company policy has always been to take great pride in our craftsmanship & workmanship all our team members are the highly motivated, trained and qualified specialist engine technicians.  

If you have any further questions or inquiries please contact us.


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