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Car Remapping Trowbridge: ECU Remapping & Tuning For Your Vehicle In Trowbridge

Can I get ECU car remapping for my car?


ECU car remapping Trowbridge refers to the software within the engine's electronic control unit, or ECU, is adjusted through a car remap or the engine is tuned to allow the car to gain more power, which is known as high performance remapping or tuning. Getting a car remapping is a terrific alternative to buying a new one, and it can significantly increase engine performance and fuel economy.

Many times, a lower model is merely a down tuned higher model, with identical engine components but factory down mapped to create less power. ECU remapping is the process of fine tuning an engine's operating settings to attain a greater level of performance. Getting a car tuning and getting an ECU remap are two separate services. A tuning box is a short-term alteration that is frequently beneficial to persons who do not own their vehicle. The ECU will undergo major alterations as a result of the remapping software. Similarly, the box is simple to set up and take down. Before choosing one choice over another, it's recommended weighing all of your possibilities.

Chip tuning is the initial step in engine remapping. When specialists remap the vehicle, this is meant to perform within the vehicle's safe specified parameters and requires no hardware improvements or the use of special gasoline. Expert mechanics will remap your engine, ECU software, and service components in accordance with vehicle manufacturer recommendations, allowing you to get more miles per litre, higher performance, and better servicing from your vehicle.

At PovTec, we're in the business of providing services such as engine tuning, gearbox tuning and performance tuning to name but a few. We cover Trowbridge and the surrounding areas of Wiltshire. All of our performance automobile engine remaps and chip tuning services are also backed by a guarantee. We feel that time spent without a vehicle is money lost. We can provide the bulk of our services entirely on a mobile basis, as well as a removal and delivery service. Allowing us to take care of the stress will allow you to relax.

Please get in contact with us for more information on tuning cars. There are various ways for you to contact us directly which you can find on our website at

Is there anywhere I can get mobile DPF cleaning for my vehicle?

DPF and EGR (short for Diesel Particulate Filter and Exhaust Gas Recirculation) are both meant to reduce harmful emissions created when fuel is consumed. We can provide a variety of treatments for your car's EGR, starting with a simple Tec4 Carbon and EGR clean to remove the carbon buildup that prevents the EGR from opening and closing. To a removal and blanking service, in which we will install a blanking plate in the EGR's piping, followed by an ECU software upgrade or remap that will electronically disable the EGR and prevent it from operating in the future. This allows us to provide a long-term solution to the problem while also saving you money on future repair costs.

You can help maintain the condition of your DPF by purchasing a mobile DPF cleaning kit with additives such as DPF cleaning industrial strength from Halfords Autocentre Trowbridge. They help prevent a build-up of soot allowing the DPF cleaning air quality to be higher, however they only go far in the short run.

Get in touch with us for more information, we're always happy to help with advice.

Get in contact with us at PovTec for more information!

At PovTec, we're in the business of knowing what's best for your car in regards to tuning and software remapping. Please get in touch with us via our contact numbers, email and online form you can locate on our website. We hope we can be of assistance to you.

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