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Looking For A Reliable Ecu Remapping Service For Your Vehicle? POVTEC - Car Remapping Westbury -  ECU Remap Experts are Waiting For Your Call. From Increasing Your Brake Horse Power With Expert Tuning To Saving You Money On Your Fuel, Our Garage Services Cover It All.

POVTEC - Car Remapping Westbury has been remapping and car tuning for years. Engine remapping is a fast simple way to increase your car performance without expensive engine rebuilds, noisy performance exhausts and having to leave the car in the garage for days. ECU high-performance remapping or vehicle tuning is a process in which the software within the vehicle electronic control unit (ECU) is modified through a car remap or the engine is tuned to allow the driver to get access to that extra horsepower that's available. Most manufacturers restrict their vehicle performance by using the same engine and ECU set up across a wide range of models, this makes it cheaper for the manufacturers to produce cars but also can restrict the true performance of the car. With vehicle chip tuning you can release your engine potential and the results can be surprising! Getting back into your car after an ECU remapping engine tuning service can make it feel like you just bought a new race car at a fraction of the cost. A remap of a Mercedes Sprinter for example can lead to an increase of 90 brake horsepower whilst keeping your car well within the safe parameters the engine was designed to work within.

Stage 1 ECU Remapping 

Stage 1 chip tuning requires no additional parts or hardware for your cars nor will you need to use any special fuel or fuel additives once the remap is done. Our specialist mechanics will remap your car engine's original software and service components in line with the manufacturer's recommendations to give more power, better fuel economy so more miles per gallon, and better running. We are so confident you won't find a better remap chip tuning service in Westbury that we guarantee all our work.

Stage 2 Chip Tuning

A stage 2 tuning service covers ECU remapping but goes even further by upgrading some of your car's hardware to get the most from your vehicle. At the very least the restrictive air filter that comes as standard in most cars will need to be replaced with a specialist filter or even a full induction kit to allow more air into the carburetor to mix with the fuel. By then adding a performance exhaust into the mix you can allow your engine to breathe like it was meant to for the first time and experience the true power your car was designed for. This chip tuning remapping and hardware upgrade really boosts the performance of your vehicle without compromising it's reliability. 

Stage 3 Performance Tuning

Stage 3 tuning involves our stage 1 and stage 2 services plus specialist tuning services depending on the make and model of your car and it's engine type. These can include high powered upgrades to the turbo or fuel injection systems and fuel pump to allow more fuel into the carb and a full dyno session to get live information from the engine whilst it's running to allow for those little performance tweaks that can make all the difference to the overall performance and feel of the car whilst keeping it safe and road legal in line with your insurance policy.


Other Than Tuning What Else Do You Do? Can You Service and MOT My Car As Well as Specialist Services Such as a DPF Cleaning Service?

We're not just any garage so whilst we don't offer basic auto services such as repairs, MOT or general servicing our performance specialist will ensure your vehicle is still ready for it's road legal MOT. You can trust us to release your cars power for your enjoyment but with safety and service in mind. We aslo offer a DPF cleaning service for diesel cars. A DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) is a filter that catches and traps soot from your diesel engine to help minimise your vehicle's exhaust emissions. However, over time these filter become clogged and need to be cleaned to ensure your engine runs smoothly with a smoke-free exhaust and within legal requirements. So whatever your performance needs from a basic tune-up to a full race tune you can trust POVTEC to unleash your car's true power. Call us today to find out more. 


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