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Are you looking to remap your vehicle? POVTEC - Car remapping, ECU remapping

Car Remapping Wiltshire

About us - Vehicle remaps and performance tuning service

Founded in 2020 by Tom and Steve Povey, who bring knowledge from a range of different aspects of the motor trade to the company.

Tom has spent the previous three years running his own successful business that specializes in a wide range of automobile repair and tuning services. He began his career as a vehicle diagnostic and air conditioning professional before transitioning into the rapidly growing fields of carbon cleaning and vehicle tuning and remapping.

Tom has had the good fortune of being able to observe both industries develop and engage with major companies as a Tec4 carbon cleaning specialist and an Avon tuning approved agent, joining a respected network of 150 agents worldwide.

Steve has over 40 years of experience in the car industry. Starting as a mechanic, he progressed through the ranks of the workshop, eventually becoming a Service Manager and then a Business Development Manager for both Snap-on and Tool Truck. Steve has witnessed the expansion of these companies, as well as significant technological and research & development developments.

Preventative maintenance, according to Steve, is always more cost effective for the consumer. He's ecstatic to be able to provide the high levels of service and customer support that come with being a member of these industry-leading networks. His love is in Volkswagons, and he has restored and converted a number of them in the past, including Bay Windows, T25s, and T4s.


What is engine remapping?

When the settings of a car's 'engine control unit' (ECU) are changed to improve numerous aspects of the vehicle's performance, this is known as remapping. The owner can re-programme the automobile to handle the fuel injection, airflow, sensors, and more by overwriting the old settings with fresh software (within legal limitations).

Replacing the manufacturer's default settings and software on the ECU with fresh software that may be modified and customized to the owner's specifications is known as remapping an automobile (within legal limitations).

When a vehicle is remapped, the old ECU software is erased when the customized software is put into the serial port of the vehicle (sometimes referred to as an OBD port). This straightforward functionality has simplified the process of tuning a car and produced several opportunities for tuning engineers and ECU software developers.

Povtec is a proud Avon tuning authorised agent, allowing us to perform high-quality car remaps and tuning while also providing the best customer service and support available.

All of our files are dyno generated on their 4WD Dimsport rollers at our Avon tuning headquarters, and every vehicle we see in house gets a comprehensive vehicle health check before and after any tuning. We'll also record live data from the vehicle, which we'll utilize to fine-tune your vehicle.

All Avon Tuning remaps come with a full lifetime software guarantee, which means that if your car needs a software update (cough VW pollution scandal), we will remap your vehicle for free.

We've just placed an order for our own Dimsport Dyno, so we'll be able to offer power runs in addition to remaps in the near future.

Check out your vehicle's gains and improvements on the vehicle stats page; if your vehicle isn't mentioned or you'd want to investigate something unusual, please contact us and one of our team members will be pleased to walk you through your options.


Is ECU remapping good for your car engine?

True, engine remaps were previously the domain of nerdy car enthusiasts and the boy-racer set, but what was formerly seen as a dark and frequently dubious practice has grown unexpectedly common in recent years.

While it still takes a certain amount of curiosity and excitement to investigate your car's remapping choices, the techniques used in the sector are becoming increasingly well-understood – and the benefits of a remap are being increasingly appreciated. Even if you're not completely familiar with the concept of remapping, you're probably aware that it's a procedure that entails changing the software that governs how the engine performs.

Previously, tinkering with the systems in your car's Electronic Control Unit (ECU) was known as 'chipping,' since you had to replace a factory microchip with a new one programmed by your preferred supplier. As remapping technology has progressed, so have the techniques. These days, the most dedicated hobbyists build their own ECU programs using easily accessible laptop software and send them to the car's Onboard Diagnostic Port (OBD). We'd never propose that method on a new car because making a mistake might be quite costly, but it works for the tuner community.

Power and torque are the two main reasons for requesting a remap. There's a strong probability your car's performance was intentionally lowered when it left the factory to fulfill product planning objectives or economy and efficiency aims.

Most cars' power and performance are now governed by software running in the engine management unit, rather than by any mechanical reason (ECU).

While driving a modern car, computer algorithms influence a variety of parameters, including ignition timing, air/fuel ratio, and turbocharging boost pressure.

How much does a remapping cost?

How much does engine remapping for a car cost? The price of remapping your car will most likely be determined by its make and model. However, you should expect to pay between £200 and £400 for it.

Please contact us now for a free quote so you are not left with any surprises:

Tel: 07710 547 893 & 07747 604 958.


Is remapping a car legal UK?

"Is remapping a car legal?" There is currently no law prohibiting car remapping, but it is suggested that it be done by a qualified specialist.

After remapping, the only thing left to do is notify your insurance carrier of the change.

Is remapping worth the money?

ECU The software within the engine's electronic control unit, or ECU, is adjusted through a car remap or the engine is tuned to allow the car to gain more power, which is known as high performance remapping or tuning. Getting a car remap is a terrific alternative to buying a new car, and it can significantly increase engine performance and fuel economy.

Many vehicle manufacturers use the same engine and ECU setup across a variety of vehicles while delivering varied power outputs, allowing them to sell more models for a higher profit without having to expand their supply network. For example, the Mercedes sprinter comes in a variety of power outputs ranging from 95 to 150 bhp. Because all of these engines are identical, a stage 1 remap is completely safe for any of these models, allowing them to go from stock factory power to 185 bhp, a huge increase of 90 bhp over the basic model, all while staying within the safety tolerances set when the vehicle was designed.

When we remap the vehicle, Stage 1 chip tuning is designed to perform within the vehicle's safe specified parameters and requires no hardware upgrades or special fuel. Our expert mechanics will remap your engine, ECU software, and service components in accordance with vehicle manufacturer recommendations, allowing you to get more miles per gallon, higher performance, and better servicing from your vehicle. All of our performance automobile engine remaps and chiptuning services are also backed by a guarantee.

To get the specified power, Stage 2 performance vehicle tuning necessitates hardware modifications to the car's engine ECU. As a general rule, the factory air filter should be replaced with a cold air feed induction kit, the engine intercooler should be increased, and the stock car exhaust should be replaced with a performance sports cat. These changes allow the remapped engine to get more air in and out freely, allowing it to produce greater power. At stage 2, some vehicles will require extra driveline changes, such as a stronger clutch.

Stage 3 and higher tuning services need high-powered changes to the engine turbo, fuel injectors, and fuel pump, as well as a full dyno session to allow the car engine to be monitored or data captured in real time. The map would then be fine-tuned and tweaked to provide a safe, smooth power delivery from the remapping, resulting in increased power and performance as well as improved fuel economy.

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