What is ECU remapping?

ECU remapping or tuning is a process in which the software within the engines electronic control unit or ECU is modified or tuned to allow the car to gain more power.

Many vehicle manufacturers use the same engine and ECU set up across a range of vehicles whilst producing varying power outputs, this allows the manufacturer to sell these different models for a greater profit without having to expand the supply network for example the Mercedes sprinter comes in varying power outputs from 95 Bhp up to 150 Bhp, all of these engines are identical so a stage 1 remap is completely safe for any of these models taking any of them from the stock factory power up to 185 BHP that’s a huge increase of 90 Bhp above the basic model all whilst staying within the safety tolerances set in place when the vehicle was designed.

What is stage 1, stage 2 etc

Stage 1 tuning is designed to work within the vehicles safe designed parameters and requires no hardware upgrades or for the vehicle to run on any special fuel.

Stage 2 tuning requires hard ware modification to allow the vehicle to reach the power stated, as a general rule you would need to replace the stock air filter for a cold air feed induction kit, the intercooler would need to be upgraded and the stock exhaust would need to be replaced for sports cat. These mods allow the engine to get more air in and out freely enabling more power to be produced. Some vehicles will require additional driveline upgrades at stage 2 this can include an uprated clutch.

Stage 3 and above are real specialist tuning and would require upgrades to the turbo, fuel injectors and fuel pump and full dyno session to allow the vehicle to be live monitored or data logged.  The map would then be fine tuned and tweaks carried out to ensure a safe smooth power delivery to be achieved.