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​ECU Remapping Services for Remapping Your Car Engine

Nowadays finding an expert for car tuning would seem to be easy, however, how do you know that they have the technical ECU skills and remapping experience? Most people in the industry are inexperienced and could end up causing more problems with your car when they carry our an ECU remap.


At PovTec, we have been carrying out remaps for years, and we have the necessary expertise to deal with any type of car or engine, utilising performance software, increasing power and reducing fuel consumption for our clients with over thirty years of experience.  Trust PovTec with your engine and ECU, and we will increase the performance and fuel economy of your car to the highest degree possible.


Why should you choose our ECU remapping services?

 - We are flexible, providing mobile and responsive ECU car engine remapping


We save you time and hassle by providing a mobile ECU Remapping service, allowing us to provide ECU remap services at your home or place of work.  Our ecu mobile service is available for your car or van, and the ecu remapping service is completed efficiently by our expert team of software and hardware mechanics.  Just choose the place and time, get in contact with us, and we will be there to increase your vehicle performance and power as well as fulfill all your engine remapping needs!

 - Get an ECU remap at an affordable price

At PovTec, we believe in the best.  The best service, the best quality, the best software and the best parts.  We use the highest quality materials and specialist labour ensuring that our performance ecu remaps give you the best outcome for power and fuel economy, meaning that the performance and fuel economy of your car or van is our sole concern.  Once we have remapped your engine ecu, we ensure that our standards are maintained through excellent customer service.


 - Qualified ECU performance remapping personnel

In our performance remapping services, we only use qualified remap car mechanics that have undergone rigorous training, and have the highest performance around.  Our remap technicians regularly attend remapping training courses and seminars to ensure they are up-to-date with the ever-changing dynamics of the remapping industry, so you know that your car's safe with PovTec.

 - Experienced vehicle ECU remapping specialists


Tom and Steve Povey, the founders of PovTec, have more than 30 years combined experience in car maintenance, repair, ecu and engine remap industry.


Tom has three years of running vehicle maintenance and tuning his own business. He started as an air conditioning and vehicle diagnostic specialist, and later he transformed to carbon cleaning, vehicle tuning and remapping expert. He has been lucky to watch the car maintenance industry grow, and he has been in touch with leading providers in the industry such as Avon tuning and Tec4 carbon cleaning.


Steve, on the other hand, has over 40 years’ experience in the motor industry. Trained as a mechanic, he has served various capacities in the motor industry. This includes Service Manager and Business Development Manager for Snap-on and Tool Truck.


Steve is one of the greatest believers of preventative car maintenance since this saves lots of money, while improving performance on the customer's side.

Which services do we offer?

 - Performance tuning

We are one of the trusted Avon tuning authorized agents, meaning, we are bringing the highest tuning and remap quality for your car.

 - Performance parts

Since we are the official dealers for Scorpion and Milltek, we have a vast network for performance remapping car parts worldwide. And all these parts are of the highest quality out there.

 - DFF & Carbon Cleaning

Being the primary official engine remap and mechanic for Tec4 carbon cleaning and service, we have a broad experience when it comes to cleaning services such as DPF cleaning and engine oil flushes. Also, with our van remapping service, we provide mobile-based services.

 - Dyno Tuning and remap specialists


As Trowbridge and Westbury's premier tuning and remap organisation, we provide remapping services for all of the Wiltshire area.  Our engine remap services are second to none and are provided by experienced and knowledgeable staff, increasing your car's performance and fuel economy.​

- ECU Remapping - Van and car conversions

We don't just perform engine remapping services, and can also provide van and car conversions and fit outs, as well as general vehicle repair and maintenance in addition to our performance remaps.​

 - ECU Remapping - Professional tools

Our store is full of professional car tools for any mechanical issue. We utilise the same tools in our car engine remapping services, and these tools are available to order online  

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