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All modern vehicles require an increasing number of control measure to reduce harmful emissions, these systems have evolved over the years in line with euro emission standards from the introduction of Catalytic converters in the early 1990's to the Adblue, DPF and PPF's we see today. 

Over time these components wear, clog or degrade causing detrimental effects to the running efficiency of the engine. This in turn can cause an increase in the fuel consumption, an engine management light and even higher emissions to cause an MOT fail. 

The cost for the replacement of an EGR on certain engines can run to nearly 4 figure repair bills which could fail in years or even months to come. 

We are able to offer a range of services to the EGR of your car from a simple Tec4 Carbon and EGR clean service to remove the build up of carbon deposited on the EGR preventing it from opening and closing. To a removal and blanking service in which we will place a blanking plate in the pipework of the EGR and then through an ECU software upgrade or remap which will electronically disable the EGR preventing it from operating in future. This allows us to offer a permanent solution to the problem and save you £****'s in future repair bills. 

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