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What is gearbox remapping?

Modern automatic gearboxes have come a long way from the basic torque converter and oil pressure controlled auto boxes of the 1990’s many modern automatics are in fact a manual gearbox which is controlled by an ECU and gears are shifted by electronic solenoids.

With these transmissions we can interrogate the gearbox control unit or TCU and adjust the limitations put in place by the manufacturer allowing us to give your vehicle faster shift times, auto throttle blips on down shifts to match the gearbox speed to the engine speed.

With certain gearboxes we can offer a launch control function or even a full manual mode to allow you to decide at which point the gears shift rather than the control unit.

We have found that when both an engine and gearbox remap in place it completely transforms a car and can either give you a much faster acceleration or far greater fuel economy.  

We currently offer this service for VAG cars (Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda’s) and the BMW 6,7 and 8 speed transmissions.  

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