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Tuning a Vehicle by Remapping

Do you want to increase the performance of your car, whilst increasing power, torque and saving fuel?  Then check out our car engine ECU remapping service by our trained professional technicians. 

With over 30 years of experience in the motor remap & tuning industry. We are considered with our level of equipment and expertise to be the leaders in remaps and high-quality performance tuning.

Whether it's chip tuning BMW branded cars or chip tuning Audi A3 you can be assured of our expertise and increased engine performance.

With older or used vehicles such as Rover cars, remaps are not always available, but please contact us. We would be more than happy to offer any tuning advice to increase the performance of your car.

What is an ECU Chip?

ECU is an abbreviation for "Electronic Control Unit". All modern vehicles are fitted with an ECU which controls the engine's timing of the fuel ignition system. Which controls the power & performance of engines.

ECU Remaps and Car Engine tune-ups

Our Brand New Dynorace DF21S

With our new Dynorace we can test both front and rear wheel drive cars. It allows us to analyse and fine-tune by remapping a vehicle ECU System.

With using this dyno remap fine-tuning ability comes increased performance. As it's such a high level of kit we can offer power runs to other tuning companies too.

Remapping Stages

Stage one

Stage one will remap the ECU and fine-tune it, staying within the car's design parameters and manufacturer's guidelines. There is no removal or replacement of parts.

Our specialist technicians will remap your engine, ECU Software and serviceable parts. This remap will result in more fuel economy and higher performance of your car.

Stage two

As well as a remap, certain hardware modifications need to be done. Such as the removal & replacing of the air filter, and upgrading the intercooler and exhaust CAT system for more performance.

Some vehicles will need additional drive-line upgrades as well as upgrading the clutch system.

Stage Three

This is our specialist tuning service, requiring high-powered upgrades to the engine's turbo, fuel injectors and fuel pump.

We then give the car a full dyno rolling road session allowing us to monitor in real-time the engine's performance. During this period we would fine-tune the remap resulting in higher fuel economy with an increase in power and performance.


Can any engine be remapped?

All modern car engines can have the software remapped, with older engines not always. Please check with us.

Is remapping worth it?

Having a vehicle engine software remapped with tuning. Will increase power & torque, maximising overall performance by 35%.

How long does a remap take?

A vehicle software ECU remap can be done in 1 hour. Although in terms of expert technicians doing a proper job, expect it to take around 2 to 3 hours.

Will a remap increase fuel consumption?

Having an engine remapped will decrease your fuel consumption. Which increases how many miles you get per gallon, saving you money. Remapping enhances the overall performance of a vehicle.

Can you remap diesel and petrol engines?

All modern diesel and petrol engines can be can undergo ECU remaps. All ECU remapping should always be carried out by trained remapping professionals.

How much does it cost?

This can depend on what performance tuning remap you choose. All our tuning is affordable and professionally carried out by highly trained technicians.

We can come to you

If you cannot get your vehicle to us, we can come to you. A majority of our tuning services can be completed on a mobile basis. We also offer at POVTEC a collection and delivery service. 


If you want to read what our satisfied customers have said about remaps and tuning of their cars. Please check out our website testimonial page.

Get in Touch

If you are considering getting a remap for your car engine but are unsure of what a tuning ECU remap entails. Just get in touch, one of our experienced technicians will be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Contact us either by telephone or email or if you are local, pop in and see us at our location at West Wiltshire Industrial Estate.


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