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Remapping Near Me

If you came across this page you probably searched “Remapping Near Me”. PovTec car solutions are one of the leading companies when it comes to car maintenance. The company provides both garage and mobile services. This means that clients don't have to be at the company's premises to be attended to; just one phone call and all your car's queries are solved.

Who are the founders of PovTec?

The company is founders are so prominent in matters concerning the motor industry. Tom and Steve Povey have garnered a reputation in this industry. Both combined, they have experience of more than 30 years.

Tom has been running a vehicle maintenance and tuning business for three years. Initially, he started as a vehicle diagnostic specialist and air condition expert, but he graduated to vehicle tuning, carbon cleaning, and remapping professional as an aggressive and curious person. The guru is worth everything since he has witnessed the growth of the motor industry. He has been an employee of Tec4 carbon cleaning and Avon tuning, which are top companies in the vehicle maintenance industry.

What of Steve? If you thought Tom is overqualified; then Steve has no superlative. Steve's experience in the motor industry is more than 40 years. The specialist was trained as a professional mechanic, and he has served various prominent capacities such as Service Manager and Business Development Manager in the motor industry. The companies he has worked for include Snap-on and Tool Truck. Steve believes that preventative maintenance is very appropriate since it saves car users from unnecessary expenses.

Performance tuning

The company is one of the trusted agents of Avon tuning. This implies that they will bring the highest tuning to your car. The service can be mobile or premise-oriented.

Performance parts

It should be noted that PovTec is the official dealer of Scorpion and Milltek. This means that the company has a global network of quality performance parts.

DFF & Carbon Cleaning

As the principal official of Tec4 carbon cleaning and service, they offer an extensive car experience concerning all cleaning services such as engine oil flushes and PDF cleaning. These services are also mobile-based.

Dyno tuning

The duos are the owners of Wiltshire's newest. This means they can offer various types of tuning for your vehicle.

Van conversions

From fit-out, ply lining the bespoke design, they will design your car into your preferences.

Professional tools

The store of the company is full of various professional tools which will solve any mechanical issue.

What to expect from PovTec?


Remapping Near Me - Flexibility

The company doesn't need you to be physically at their premises to be attended to. Just one phone call and their technicians will be at your place with the right tools to sort your car's issue. In other words, they save lots of time.

Remapping Near Me - Reasonable prices

Prices are the most discouraging factors as much as the car maintenance issue is concerned. But with Povtec, it's the opposite. The prices are so affordable since the company is yearning for customer loyalty. They use quality parts and collaborate with reputable partners. Besides, all forms of payment such as credit/debit cards and BACS payment.

Remapping Near Me - Qualified personnel

The technicians of the company go through rigorous training. And also, they regularly attend quality boosting seminars and training courses.

Remapping Near Me - Experience

As mentioned above the founders of the experience of the two founders is more than 30 years.

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