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TDI Tuning

PovTech offers tuning services for an extensive range of TDI vehicles. Every vehicle is tuned to meet the specific preferences of the owner and offers unmatched performance. Our workshop boasts the latest state of the art facilities and equipment. Expect your car to receive the highest level of professional care and attention.


Premium TDI tuning service in the Westbury and Wiltshire area

We are proud to provide a premium TDI tuning service throughout Westbury and the surrounding area. We have options available for all budgets and try to keep our prices as low as possible. Our great value prices do not impact the quality of our vehicle tuning and we are proud of the reputation we have built over the years. Our prices are straightforward, with no hidden costs and payment is easy. We accept cards or cash and give a detailed invoice with all completed work. We are happy to organise appointments around your schedule. Our team operates efficiently to complete tuning work to requested deadlines. 

Our tuning experts specialise in TDI vehicles

Traditionally, petrol engines were more commonly used for performance. However, with the rise of turbo diesel injection vehicles, this isn't the case. TDI vehicles are welcome here and our engineers have plenty of experience tuning this type of engine. With their expertise, they will get optimum power and performance from your diesel engine. Diesel tuning has become more popular over the years as these engines developed into competitive performance engines. The days of a diesel engine just being viewed as a workhorse with good fuel economy are in the past. 

What tuning services do we offer?

At Povtec we offer a variety of tuning services and are sure we have something to match your performance requirements and budget. Our services include performance tuning, ECR remapping, gearbox tuning, dyno tuning and EGR removal. Check our website to see which options are available for your vehicle. Remember to notify your insurance company about modifications such as a remap or tuning box.

What are the benefits of tuning your car?

You can improve your vehicle's performance by adjusting it to its optimum settings. Povtec offers a tuning service in which you can have your vehicle customized to your needs.

Contact us for your engine maintenance, tuning and remapping requirements

TDI-tuning's popularity is increasing and we are ready to give your diesel engine that extra boost. Contact us to find out which tuning options your TDI model is suitable for. Our team will be happy to discuss a remap, tuning boxes, and ECU diagnosis as well as a range of other tuning services. Let Povtec take care of your performance and maintenance requirements. 

TDI tuning
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