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Our brand new Dynorace DF2IS Dynomometer allows us to test cars in either front or rear wheel drive format but also allows us to carry out tests on Haldex equipped vehicles such as the Audi S3's and Golf R's by placing the vehicle into 2WD Dyno mode. 
Known as being brutally accurate but also constantly consistent allowing us to analyse data and fine tune a vehicle set up to provide a safe and reliable calibration for your vehicle. 
As well as being able to offer bespoke remapping using our Dyno, we can also offer power runs for other tuning companies that do not have the access to such a high level of equipment and even club days for owners to bring their pride and joys to us to see how they are performing. 
We have designed our custom built cell to able to accommodate a wide range of vehicles from lowered cars using our extended reinforced ramps up to long wheel base transporters and Transit customs.  
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